Original Plays



My plays are about human connection. I am interested in exploring those intangible, elusive things that draw us together and keep us apart. I’ve considered the mystery of human connection through a range of contextual [dramatic] lenses: within families, across friendships, among colleagues, and between lovers. I am interested in how and why human beings overcome -- or don’t overcome -- obstacles to connection, whether those obstacles are external (political, socioeconomic, geographic) or within ourselves (anxiety, self-doubt, prejudice).

My plays have a sense of humor — I believe that in laughter, we are our truest selves. In laughter, we can more easily talk about the things we fear, and the things that divide us. In laughter, we find common ground. Laughter connects us.

And finally, my plays are hopeful. I believe that art should point us toward something better, and I strive to write plays that reveal — even if it’s just the smallest glimpse — the potential for a world of connection.

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Roommates Ben and Jeff couldn’t be more different. Ben is a struggling journalist who can’t get anything to go his way. Jeff is a successful researcher who glides through life with little resistance. At Jeff’s insistence, they both give online dating a try. Ben meets Molly and the results are volatile, while Jeff meets Leslie and they make a connection. Over the course of the evening, a truth is revealed that sets in motion a series of hysterical and illuminating events. OTHER LIFE FORMS is a dynamic comedy that sets out to prove the existence of love, and how we often get in the way of it.

“Swipe right on the dating comedy, Other Life Forms” - Washington Post

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West By God

Aspiring author, Robert, is headed back to his hometown in West Virginia to visit his dying grandmother. Dr. Matheson addresses a lecture hall full of students at Georgetown University, discussing the decline of rural America. Agnes and Martha exist within the decline, and snap beans for canning to put away for leaner times. What unfolds is a funny, heartwarming, and gut-wrenchingly honest series of events that challenges and examines the meaning of home. West By God is a new semi-biographical play by West Virginia native , Brandon McCoy.

Other Scripts


Meet Tanner, the guy that simply cannot get out of his own way. Give him a problem, he’ll overcomplicate it. Ask him a question, he’ll wander off in to an existential quandary. Face him with a decision, and the world might tip over. Brandon McCoy’s comedy Tanner is a fast, funny, punch to the gut comedy that examines the search for peace and happiness, and whether we actually want it in the first place.


According to Samantha, the impending death of her mother, Bea, is a really big deal. According to Bea, she wishes everyone would get over it already. While in the hospital, Sam, her brother Ty, and their father Jake discover a list that Bea has been hiding, entitled Getting In. The family embarks on a race to complete the list before it’s too late, but will Bea let it happen? Getting In is a new dark comedy by Brandon McCoy that examines the grieving process.


T Street is a band you’ve never heard of. They play in small venues in front of even smaller crowds, and no one in the group can seem to agree on what they should actually be called. They’re a band of misfits that has found a home in each other and in the music. When a mysterious stranger inserts herself into the fold, tensions rise and the very existence of the band is put in to jeopardy. A Band in Search of a Name is a musical by Brandon McCoy that examines the power of music, the meaning behind the words, and the importance of belonging. This musical includes 12 original songs, also written by Brandon.