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As directed with verve and grace by Brandon McCoy, The Undeniable Sound of Right Now is rockin’ live theater about live rock music.

For fans of both live rock music and live theater, Keegan Theatre’s production of The Undeniable Sound of Now is a terrific twofer. It’s got a heart that beats like a drum kit, and it packs a wallop like a subwoofer. - DC Metro Theatre Arts


The transcendent vision of playwright John Guare has been replicated to perfection by Director Brandon McCoy and his cast.

Director Brandon McCoy’s artsy production (modern painting, white panels, silhouettes) is reasonably stylish, and the listening is acute as Paul beguiles the rich people he wants to belong with. - Washington Post

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This snappy and trenchant production, Wasserstein’s script crackles with witty political repartee and cracks open two prominent women’s personal pain in a way that feels as up-to-the-minute as streaming news.

Brandon McCoy keeps everything moving crisply with clarity about the stakes at hand, and handles the ebb and flow of the shifting emotional tides – and man, do they flow. - DC Theatre Scene

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To Kill a Mockingbird

All honor and praise goes to director Brandon McCoy for making it flow through Compass Rose’s limited space. And the first-rate director has hired first-rate performers; there is not a bad performance in the production. - DC Theatre Scene

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Lost in Yonkers

Director Brandon McCoy brings together a talented group of actors and guides them with insight to create a brilliant, funny, and moving performance. - MD Theatre Guide

University Directing Credits Include:

The Turn of the Screw - UMBC

Six Characters in Search of an Author - Harford Community College

Elephant’s Graveyard - Harford Community College

These Shining Lives - Howard Community College

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress - Harford Community College

The Princess Bride (An Homage) - Harford Community College

John Lennon and Me - Harford Community College